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WEBSITE Design and Development

We develop the website that helps the client to reach the goal. With 18 years of experience, we promise to provide and apply our knowledge of IT technology.


  • Regular HTML website
  • Content Management System
  • Mobile site and Apps
  • Landing page and special campaign page
  • Banner graphics design
  • System and database development

Need Internet Marketing Services in Hawaii?



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to help the website to be ranked higher on Yahoo! or Google search engines. We don't charge if the client is not getting a result.


  • Using the most effective strategies
  • Strategy to improve internal components
  • Strategy to increase external connection
  • Selecting the appropriate keywords

Keywords Advertising

Keywords Advertising is to place the ads on the search engines like Google and Yahoo! and increase the flow to the website.


  • Placing the ads on the search engine's result page
  • About 80% of Internet users actually use search engines
  • Selecting keywords to maximize the results
  • Provide total support

6 cloud

6mobile's 6cloud

6 cloud is the name for the cloud type service provided by 6mobile. The multiple servers dedicated for 6 cloud that are located in our own data center. The various system is installed on the server for the clients to use over the Internet.


We have been planning to develop other services and add to the cloud.


  • The business hosting for the company's IT department.
  • 6 cloud email marketing system
  • Shopping cart system for e-commerce site.